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Network Marketing & Leadership Audiences Are Mesmerized
With Rachel Jackson's Ability to Take Them to New Heights

Rachel Jackson, Network Marketing Expert

After failing for nearly 5 years in a small tech company, Rachel went on built one of the biggest MLM businesses in the wellness industry…  going from zero to over six-figures per month in 18 months! She consistently earns over a half-million dollars a year and is consider in the top 250 Female Network Marketers in the World (source; BusinessForHome). All this from her home in rural Texas, north of Houston in a town of only 1,900 people.

Rachel is an expert at showing others how they can achieve success, too. Audiences love her enthusiasm, relatability and motivational story.

She shares Network Marketing strategies that are incredibly effective, yet simple for anyone to put into practice right away—giving your attendees tremendous value for the session.


Speaking in front of 15,000 NetworK Marketers at the Miami Heat Arena, Miami Florida

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One of Rachel’s interactive half-day workshops including “Life-Mapping”… a visual process of goal setting and setting intentions.

Rachel Can Help Your & Your Audiences:

  • Build a Network Marketing business with honor and ease
  • Create a goal setting plan that STICKS
  • Develop a network marketing strategy
  • Ignite creativity and innovation
  • Succeed in MLM and Direct Sales
  • Succeed in Leadership
  • Dominate Social Media Marketing
  • Create a Micro-Celebrity Brand online
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears that hinder success

Rachel's Most Requested Training Topics


Mindset Mindset

Audiences will relate with Rachel’s humble background growing up in Wisconsin with a blended, middle-class family. Her story from Network Marketing-failure to multi-millionaire will inspire your group to reach to new heights. Following her proven step-by-step simple systems, Rachel gives a guide to create lasting abundance and a prosperity mindset.


Length = 60 or 90 minutes


The Classy Networker

How to go from Amateur to Network Marketing Professional… the classy way! Rank up faster while building the business of your dreams —–without losing your friends, your family, or your soul! Rachel’s previous 5 years of experience building a $100,000,000 team and watching friends lose everything (health, marriages, relationships) inspired her to create her top-selling signature course “The Classy Networker”.


Length: 45-90 minutes


The Era of the Social Micro-Celebrity

Over a billion people are using Facebook and social media outlets daily. Learn exactly how to create a ROCKSTAR brand to set yourself apart of the crowd of “me toos”


Length: 60 minutes


Half-Day or Full-Day Lifemapping Workshop

Rachel’s interactive goal-setting workshop is a crowd favorite. Great for half or even full day events, this is a highly inspiring creative process that helps your audience achieve all of their dreams and more.


Length: 4-6 hours

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