What Industry Experts & Leaders Are Saying about RJ

She just isn’t that good. No really she is one of the few leaders that every person I have ever met says she isn’t just good she is incredible. She has this unique ability with connecting instantly with others. She has this incredible leadership where she balances strong humility along with tough love to help get you results that so few can. She truly knows how to empower others to become the best version of themselves. Rachel Jackson is not only a great friend but she is one of the few leaeders that lives what she teaches. I am proud to follow her.

Rob Sperry, Public Speaker and Author of The Game of Networking

Rachel Jackson is a true leader and mentor in our Network Marketing professional. This lady boss, is a servant leader that puts others first in everything she does. Its very rare that you see a leader work as closely with her team as she does. She holds nothing back with what she shares and anyone looking to learn or be coached by her would be blessed with an incredible mentor.
I remember finding her on YouTube back in our earlier days and knew she would become a great friend and virtual soul sister.

Tanya Aliza, 7 Figure Internet Network Marketer

I’ve had the honor of calling Rachel a dear friend for the last two years. Our values of God, Family, Business were aligned from the start. Her willingness of being humble, an incredible leader to her team, and inspiration to everyone who embraces her presence is a true gift. Her story is incredible and one many can relate too. Any opportunity you have to work with Rachel personally whether that be in her business or participating in one of her value-driven programs is an absolute no brainer. Stop thinking about it…reach out to Rachel today to see how she can guide you to a fulfilling, meaningful and impactful life.

Brian Fryer, AKA Coach Fryer (Founder of Social Impactors)

I first came across Rachel in 2012 online. It was clear to me that she was the gold standard and since then I have followed her closely.

I was then fortunate enough to be at a high level mastermind in Vegas where I witnessed her completely blow away thousands with her strategies for greatness on social media. She treats everyone like a someone and I’m super happy to call her a friend.

Frazer Brookes (Founder of Ninja Networker)

Rachel is an outstanding and exemplary leader in the network marketing profession – she has the ability to inspire people because of her amazing work ethic and tenancy to adapt, change and persist until the work is done. We admire Rachel because she never settles for good and strives for great and demands the same of the people she coaches – you would be lucky to have Rachel help you create your wealth!

Masa Cemazar & Miguel Montero, AKA Pyjama Bosses (http://pyjamabosses.com)

Rachel Jackson is an amazing leader and a shining example of the “new” breed of network marketing professional. She is incredibly savvy at using social media and online marketing to extend her reach and leverage her time, enabling her to help more people achieve their dreams while keeping the focus where it needs to be… on relationships! What Rachel has accomplished in certainly impressive but what has really impressed me most about her is what she has helped others achieve…As mentor, teacher, or coach those she works with are better for the experience…she loves to see people win and loves helping them do it.

Lisa Grossman, The Godmother of MLM 🙂

Rachel Jackson is an absolute STAR. Her intelligent, fun, passionate, & powerful teaching style & abilities are second to none. And of all of the trainers I’ve had a privilege to highlight and work with..her popularity far outshines the rest. She’s consistent and her killer results speak for themselves!

Jonathan Budd, Founder of Powur

Rachel Jackson is a leader to me in so many ways. She has authority in our industry as a successful business builder and coach. Rachel’s heart is what I love the most. She has integrity and sets a great role model example for her team. Her maturity, wisdom and experience has helped me multiple times as a leader of my own business. Rachel’s support, encouragement and guidance are the best gifts that I have received in this industry. She is my inspiration.

Charlotte Venter, (The Unstoppable Aussie Mom) & 6-Figure Networker

Rachel Jackson is a exciting, new generation entrepreneur who combines technology, training and pure heart to build business in the 21st century. This gorgeous young millennial is fun, principled and focused. I look forward to watching her run, and lead others to their greatness in the years to come! Go Rachel!

Carrie Dickie, (www.LoveLaughLead.com) & 7-Figure Networker

Rachel Jackson is not only one of the elite leaders in the network marketing industry, but one of the most authentic. She leads her team from the front and always gives value along the way. We’ve never been in the same company before but from what I know and what I’ve seen anyone working with her is blessed.

John Melton, My Lifestyle Academy & 7 Figure Networker

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel for 5 years now, and this woman continues to amaze me daily! Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, insane focus, work ethic, great personality, and deep desire to help other people have lasting change and success is so incredible to watch.

She is consistently learning, growing and teaching. This woman has an unbelievable future ahead of her as an entrepreneur, and anyone that partners with her will be gaining an extraordinary mentor. I’m honored to have Rachel in my life as a friend, leader and mentor!!

Tara Wilson, The Millionaire Mommy (www.tarawilsonblog.com)

Rachel Jackson has been a huge inspiration, coach and mentor to not only me personally but to the industry of Network Marketing.

Anyone who has met Rachel, quickly realizes her dedication to her career and in helping others to succeed. I continuously witness Rachel at work by pouring her heart into teaching others the necessary skills to create success. Not only in this industry but in other areas of life.

She works very hard but she also knows how to have fun and create balance in her life. Although she in young in years, she demonstrates years of knowledge and experience and I am grateful know Rachel and to be a business partner. Rachel will most certainly be one of the great legends in this industry

Tanis MacDonald, 7-Figure Networker

When I met Rachel I was 8.5 months pregnant with my 3rd child, facing partial-pay maternity leave and dreading going back to the corporate rat race after the birth of my soon. Following her techniques and partnering in her team I was able to create a six figure income from home — in just 6 months!!

I’ve now been a full-time mommy to my 3 kids, building an online business that spans across the globe. Rachel is an angel, a great coach, and super fun to work with.

Lisa Panton, (www.LisaPanton.com)

Rachel Jackson is an incredible leader who at her young age has accomplished more than most of us would dream possible. I have been blessed to have her as my friend and mentor for the past four years. The skills she has taught me that I put into my day to day practice has resulted into a solid six figure income.
She exemplifies all the best qualities of a leader in this profession with pure class. Rachel leads with heart, vision, humility and most importantly integrity.

Kelley McCoy, (facebook.com/kelley.h.mccoy) Six-figure Networker

The first time I met Rachel and Josh I knew I wanted to be on their team. Luck would have it, that 90 days later we were partnered together. It was one of the best things to happen in my business. Inside of 3 months I was making six figures, and thanks to Rachel’s coaching… went on to gross over $250,000 my first 18 months in the business.

She has become one of my closest friends and mentors. Follow her teaching – she won’t guide you astray!

Lara Zimmern, Stay-At-Home Mommy & Pro Networker

Rachel Jackson is a breath of fresh air in the network marketing industry. Her style of teaching is one that every newbie should learn from….and every top-earner should be inspired by. She’s candid. She’s top-shelf. And she’s got a heart for people. This course would have saved me so much time, trouble and frustration when I first got started in this profession. And the only thing that makes it more amazing is that she probably produced the entire course while simultaneously running on a treadmill and eating a plate of fruit…

Tony Rush, (www.TonyRush.com) 7 Figure Network Marketer

Since partnering with RJ, I’ve been blessed to pay of debt & see huge financial gains in a matter of months. But what’s even more incredible, is the personal growth I’ve experienced with having her mentorship. She exudes wisdom, love, and compassion and combines it with practical action steps leading me to the TOP personally and professionally. I’ve never been more excited about my future for my family and what I am creating.

Melodee Owens, (Speech Pathologist, Mom & Wife, Part-time Networker)

In my 28 years of building global networks, I have met very few people like Rachel Jackson. Rachel delivers on all counts as a network marketing professional – her attitude, skills, work-rate, coaching, leading-by-example style, and heart-felt sincerity to want success for others puts her in a very small group – she is a true ‘network marketing professional’.

Steve Mitchell, (www.SteveMitchell.pro)

Before partnering with Rachel I was a burnt out six-figure Entrepreneur with zero leverage and over $100,000 in debt. After just 8 months of her coaching, I was able to start a brand new business in Network Marketing and go from zero to $10,000/month! In the last 4.5 years together I’ve brought home over $450,000 – largely due to the expertise and marketing training she’s given me and our team. HIRE HER!

Dena Brock, (www.DenaBrock.com) “Blend Work & Play Into a Life That You Love”

I’ve been blessed to call Rachel a dear friend and mentor for over 6 years. I admire that despite her incredible success story, she remains humble and grounded in her faith and operates on integrity at the highest level.

Her ability to train, lead, speak and coach is all brought on by personal experience. She is a NOW leader, meaning in the trenches doing the work. She will never deliver a training that she hasn’t personally tested herself, and more importantly received a killer result from.

To get the opportunity to work with RJ is a gift, one that I am grateful for. She is the real deal, and if you get the chance to work with her, you’ll walk away changed for the better.

Molly Dalbec, (www.MollyDalbec.com)

Industry titan.

Why? Because she goes above and beyond of her team. Her competency in building out systems, teams and her understanding of the industry is bar-none. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rachel for over 4 years now each and every conversation or training call I continue to learn from her.

Kristen & Ryan Johnson, (Wealthunchained.com) Forex Trading Experts & Six-Figure Networkers

Rachel Jackson is a Magnetic Leader that inspires others to do more than they ever thought possible for themselves. Rachel leads by example and never asks others to so something she isn’t willing to do herself. I have always admired her Work Ethic, Love of Jesus, Family and Team.

Jen Purga, (www.jenpurga.com)