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Meet Rachel Jackson, Network Marketing Expert

Entrepreneur. Wife. Networker. Coach. Freedom Fighter.

My journey started out like many others. Grew up in a small town in Wisconsin (Go Packers!). Typical middle class family. Divorced parents, whom both remarried and had their own children. We spent summers on our pontoon boat going down the Rock River, and winters trying to thaw from the frozen tundra.

From an early early age I knew that I was destined for more.

I think it was age 9 that in my belly I knew I was going to be wildly successful.

However by the time I hit high school, like most college-bound students… I was left with the question: “What the heck do I do with my life?” 

Maybe you can relate.

After battling a near-death experience and tragic illness from age 16-18, I somehow managed to graduate on time from school…but now with a matured, “life is short” mentality. What mattered to teenagers, didn’t matter to me anymore. I just wanted to get out and make a difference.

I worked a lot of dead end retail jobs. They were mindless. Paid the bills (mostly). But didn’t stir my hearts passion. I was getting no more closer to my life’s purpose.

Enrolling in Nursing School was a no-brainer. I had bad nurses in the hospital and a few good ones. I wanted to change lives, remember? But a career in healthcare was not for me. I’d fight with doctors over the care of my patients, and I wanted to HEAL the sick, not medicate and mask symptoms.

So I became a Nutritionist, which was a PASSION of mine. But it didn’t pay well, so I failed at that too.

It all brought me to the spring of 2006, when my boyfriend (now husband) at the time dragged me down to my first MLM presentation.




I wanted to be free.

I remember seeing my first Network Marketing presentation. I sat in the back of the room – skeptical – seeing all these people building highly profitable freedom-based businesses. THEN IT HIT ME. If they could do it, so could I.

I knew God planted these passions in me for a reason and if He did, then they were meant to be created, lived out and shared with the world. I was fierce and took massive + inspired action…

My timeline looks like this:

February 2006: Attended my first network marketing meeting. Fell in love with the concept of residual income.

September 2006: Went full-time in MLM despite never making a sale before. oops!

November 2006: Finally started making money, was earning $1,000-1,5000 month full-time.

January 2007: Failing forward. Would make $1,000 only to spend $1,500. Invested heavily trying to get my MLM up and running. Started gaining traction with local networking groups like LeTip & Chamber of Commerce.

August 2007: Economy was crashing. Josh’s insurance business suffered and we were forced to leave our custom dream home and move into an old shabby 3 bedroom 2 bath tract home.

December 2007: Not enough money at the end of the month. Had to lay off Josh’s employees, our rental tenants both had stopped paying. Praying to God for an answer “Jesus!!! You had called me for more… you said I was designed to wildly succeed!”

January 2008: An upline shared with us a YouTube video of a business coach that would later become our personal mentor.

Year of 2008: Borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. Sold furniture to pay bills, took every dime we made to attend our new mentors training seminars. This was the year we invested in our education. Our personal growth.

October 2008: Josh filed bankruptcy. We lost everything. Our traditional business and 3 homes. I couldn’t give up the fight. I had come this far!

November 2008: Got introduced to an Internet Network Marketer who was using a new site called “YouTube” to generate leads. Began video marketing.

April 2009: Started eating $1-3k a month online, was driving 10-20 leads a day through YouTube and Google PPC.

June 2009-2010: Took a job at a mortgage lender (QuickenLoans) for $12/hr + commission – to rebuild our finances and learn valuable skills on prospecting, closing, building rapport. Received some of the best education I could ever imagine.

June 2010: Moved to Texas, tried to go full-time in MLM again. Failed.

February 2011: Joined my second Network Marketing company. Had my first $13,000 month.

September 2011: Hit $50,000 a month.

July 2012: Became the fastest female in our company to hit the top rank at our company. Crossed over $120,000 a month and over 30,000 active on our team.

2012-2015: Earned over $3,000,000 with that company.

Summer 2015: Felt like something was missing, we weren’t helping people. The culture wasn’t aligning with our values. Again…. we felt God’s tugging on our hearts “you were meant for more than this!”

October 2015: Left Co. #2 and founded – partnered with our current home and couldn’t be happier. Hit the Elite Ranks in 19 days – fastest in the company history. Added 2,000 team members in 90 days.


There’s nothing special about me except that I made a conscious choice to step into the role of a powerful, classy networker + I started living my life with a zero-excuse policy.


Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I know what it’s like to be tired and frustrated. I know what it’s like to be living in a world that says only big money is for trust fund babies, the Kardashians or people who “get lucky” or get positioned at the top.

I know what it’s like to be made to feel that your desire for wealth is wrong.

It’s time to create a new story. It’s time to start playing BIG in this industry.

We need a new remnant of leaders to rise up with better skills, to set a precedent that Network Marketing isn’t weird, or obnoxious, or taboo. But a highly profitable, highly favorable career choice for those who want to have it all!

It’s time for you my friend, to stop settling for the bottom-barrel training systems, blindly following archaic leaders and start thinking MUCH MUCH BIGGER.

Desiring more.

Becoming more.

Giving more.




My mission is to help Network Marketers define their dreams, design a beautiful business that is profitable and aligned with their passion, becoming successful and free…without sacrificing their family, their reputation or prospects.

My goal is to help you unlock your freedom: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I help Networkers overcome the same obstacles that I struggled with for so long. You can shorten your timeline and step into the life you want now…. not 9 years from now.

Nothing is off limits for you. You can have a fulfilled life and a meaningful business. You can be healthy and happy, while bringing in enough wealth to support your needs and dreams. You can have it all and impact the lives of others.

Today’s society is more ready than ever before, with big opportunities available to the MLM Professionals who choose to stand up confidently, increase their value to the marketplace and give back by changing the lives of others.

This marketplace is waiting for a classy networker like you to claim your calling. Anything you desire is possible, and when people like us really claim what our soul says it wants, we cause a ripple effect that changes lives across the globe.

So my question is, my dear Freedom Fighter, are you ready?

  1. Dorothy Curtis

    This is beautiful!

  2. ivan

    Just awesome story…story that can make you to fail to sleep,it just happen to me and I just turned 70 years “young” but when in gym most give me 10-15 years less:) I am totally new to computer and internet,just take a seniors computer class so I can learn the basics how to communicate with people online as I want to share with them my passion.Rachel if you ever drop by to Toronto area let me know sure would be glad to meet you in person,you are awesome lady,will share your story with our daughter,as she is going trough some of the stuff you have gone trough.Wishing you and your family all the very best

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