Who is Rachel Jackson?

College drop out and struggling network marketer Rachel Jackson, who goes by "RJ" had all but given up hope to create her dream team. No duplication, no system, and nobody winning, RJ decided to give one last "hoorah" with a little emerging company called ViSalus. Partnering with the right leadership, a viral marketing message, and intensive leadership development: RJ is now leading a team of over 8,000 promoters and 20,000 customers spanning the US and Canada.

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How to Build Your List Daily: 3 Simple Tips

One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a top earner in the industry is “Where do you find people?” and “How do you grow your list?” here are some simple ways to view your list and add to it DAILY! First, know that you have 3…

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Earn a $600 BMW Payment

How would you like to be driving a shiny new BMW paid for by our company? Following a simple proven system, over the last 21 months we've helped over 900 people earn their car payment thus far! Click to see some of them and their story!

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Are you truly passionate about health? Introducing "Health Junkie" ...a community and space to learn all about health, fitness, fat-burning, and over all sexifying your assets!

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